Partnering organizations are three tennis clubs from Austria, Bulgaria and Germany, all newcomers to the Erasmus+ program, however with extensive expertise in sport trainings and children development through sport. At the “heart” of AS ONE is the partners’ belief that building strong, united, resilient, future-proof societies is possible via combining on one side the systematic multi-disciplinary preparation of teachers & social workers as Change Agents of tomorrow, and on the other – setting the ground for transforming tennis from a typically elitist sport into more inclusive one for the diverse communities.

Tennis Club Favorite (TC Favorite), Bulgaria is a non-profit association, member of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation which develops and promotes physical education and sport and carries out tennis sports activities – trainings, competitions, demonstrations. The tennis club is situated in the municiplaity of Pazardjik which is a backwarded community straggling with manysocial and economical issues. TC Favorite is developing and promoting physicial activities mainly the sport of tennis, promote sporting events at professional and recreational level for all ages and creating conditions for a heahlthy lifestyles among all ages. The clubs is assisting and organising its members for practicing and competing in tennis; organising schools and courses, training and sports competitions; building and operating sports facilities through its own funds and through sponsors; creating conditions for its members to interact with third parties in the field of sport and organising additional qualifications course of coaches and sport specialits. The club team consist of former professional tennis players and current coaches and sport specialist. The team is aming to propose a new model for sport training which is focused on athletes MH and to support the inclusion of young people with fewer opporunities in to the sport.

Bernhausen e.V. Tennis Club is a sport club located in Filderstadt, a small town near Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It has more than 400 members, including 150 young people and children under the age of 18. Founded in 1965, Bernhausen e.V has a successful 56-years history. It is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of three members and chaired by Mr. Gerald Mack. The club is equipped with 12 clay courts. During the winter season Tennis is played in a modern and bright hall with three courts, covered with carpet. At the end of 2019, a new sand hall was built and put into operation. Significant emphasis is placed on social responsibility and financial support for disadvantaged players by the club. The coaching team of the club is led by Head coach Zeljko Tomazic, who is a Winner of the German Coach of the Year 2019 Award, recognized for his outstanding success for the last 40 years of working at Bernhausen.

Tennis club Tennis Arena Dornbirn (TC TAD), Austria is a tennis club located in Dornbirn,Vorarlberg, Western Austria. The goals of the club are to implement policies that promote tennis, to promote healthy lifestyles and physical culture, to create conditions and prerequisites for practicing tennis by a wide range of athletes and fans, to organise sports events and competitions, sports for disabled and disadvantaged people. Тhe club has about 70 youngathletes and it is the biggest in the city. TC TAD is the initiator of the numeours national and international events for professional tennis players and for recreational tennis players from all ages.